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Spent (2017) Fuld Film Online Free
Genres: Comedy
Language: English
Quality: HDRip
Director: Lisa Mikitarian
Writer: Lisa Mikitarian
Stars: Sally Anderson, Darren Barzegar, Erin Harth


Poor Herbert…if only the brain tumor had killed him… A charming dark comedy with a vintage vibe. A wife and son live it up while their miser-rat of a husband/father lies in a hospital bed–death by brain tumor imminent. It’s all fun and games until he experiences a miraculous 4th of July recovery.

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I had an opportunity to see Spent at a festival screening and found myself laughing out loud through much of the film. The story concerns the wife and son of a miserly old man who is dying from a brain tumor. The two have been planning ways to spend the old man’s money after his death, only to find that their “Independence Day” is actually a “Fourth of July Miracle,” when the old man’s tumor goes into remission. Unable to cope with the return of this unwanted family member and his miserly hoarding of the family’s finances, the two, along with their gold-digging love interests, all individually plan his demise with a lethal dose of rat poison. There are a few unexpected twists and lots of downright funny dialogue. The dialogue is the best part of the entire film by first-time director Lisa Mikitarian and I look forward to seeing what she is capable of for future films. The cinematography and production values far exceed the film’s meager budget. If I had to offer any criticism, it would be that the pacing could have been tightened just a bit, but that’s a minor quibble. If you get the opportunity to catch this, do yourself a favor.

I can see why SPENT won a bunch of Film Festival awards. It’s not the usual mix of comedies out there. This comdey has a Cohen Brothers feel of farce. Credits state the writer, Lisa Miktarian, intended it as a Cohen brothers tribute. For a first time screenplay, she wrote an enjoyable story with a vintage, noir flavor. The characters were “out there”, to say the least, and were meant to be. I knew them from the old movies I’ve watched and loved. The different moods of scenes were emphasized by some pretty cool cinematography, alternating black and white lighting and creative coloring. I enjoyed the details in the costuming, scenery, and props. The setting appears to be a Midwest small town surrounded by country and winding dusty roads. I can truly say it is one of the better Indie films offered this year.

For a small budget indie movie, I thought it was great! Writing, direction, editing, cinematography and sound were fantastic. As someone else said, the production quality is superb, surprisingly so. Even for an indie movie, the effort in these categories rivaled major studio big budget pictures. The actors who played “Margot Peer” and “Herbert Schumacher” were the clear winners of this film. The movie really picks up around the middle-ish when Herbert shows up as he is the center of this particular universe and all the side stories start coming together. Picking a few things out, the soundtrack could have used a few extra bars, and a couple of re-shoots would have been beneficial to help out some of the dialog. All in all, It’s an interesting movie and certainly worth the time to watch. For first time writer/director Lisa Mikitarian, “Bravo”!

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